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Simo Lazarov

is composer, performer and propagator of bulgarian electronic and computer music. Along with a group of enthusiastic friends, he started concertizing live electronic music from 1973 around the country. He founded the first Electronic music studio in Bulgaria at Sofia Radio in 1974.Simo Lazarov has long been into the music business. Later on his interest in technology took him to the Technical Universities in Prague and Sofia. He was on an electronic music specialization courses at several European studios and IRCAM in Paris.Since 1977 he has been a lecturer of soundengineering and electronic music at the Music Academy, Technical University, Sofia's University and New Bulgarian University in Sofia. He is a PhD on computer music.Simo Lazarov has been invited to numerous electronic and computer music competitions and festivals in Italy, Germany, Finland, Israel, USA, Japan, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia etc.His work covers three spheres which supplement each other and influence his development. These are the compositions of music, soundtracks, electronic and computer music, computer music studio recording and concert activity.He has released over 1300 concerts. He has of late arranged open-air show concerts which are a synthesis of the arts and in this way he attaches large audience to his contemporary music. In the course of six years he has had 20 open-air concerts in Bulgaria's major cities, the last one, held at the seaside was performed by 500 people and was attended by an audience of over 100000.
Simo Lazarov has authored numerous music pieces. He has released 9 LPs and 6 CDs, over 50 soundtracks and over 200 works. He has written 5 books on electronic and computer music.He has been nominated Bulgaria's Musician of 1995 and has been distingnished at several major Europian computer music festivals in Varese, Helsinki, Bratislava, Linz, Tokyo, Oxford and Cambridge.

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