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Musica SACRA Video sample

Chamber mixed choir

Enjoy your visit The ensemble "MUSICA SACRA" was founded in 1994 in Sofia by a group of professional musicians - singers and instrumentalists for the performance of East Orthodox and Catholic Church Music mainly. The appearance of the ensemble varies from chamber vocal structure with continuo and with other instruments for the performance of Renaissance Motets, Masses of O. Lasso with organ, Chorales from Dj. Gabrielli with wind instruments and all formation for the performance of Orthodox Church Music: men's choir, chamber mixed choir and great church choir. The concerts of "MUSICA SACRA" are usually carried out in the period of the Holy Week or other great religious holidays. The participants are performing often charitable concerts or concerts "Good will" connected with most humane aid of charity. Besides of the basic in the repertoire: Tchaikovskii, Rachmaninov, Bortnianskii, A. Arhangelskii, D. Christov, P. Dinev the ensemble is realizing programs with cantata - oratorical compositions from the European heritage and different folklore based compositions, as well modern music. The initiators for the creating of "MUSICA SACRA" are Maria Semova alt and the conductor Joseph Philip Popoff. They are organizing now many concerts, which together with the perfect performance is making "MUSICA SACRA" a preferable ensemble by the general public...

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