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From the "Encyclopaedia of the Bulgarian visual arts" volume 1:

JARAVA ( a pseudonym of Dimitar Todorov Dimitrov) - a painter.

Born on 8th of September 1901 in the town of Shoumen. In 1925 graduates art of painting in the class of professor N. Galoushev at the Academy of Arts, Sofia and in 1930 graduates decorative art in the class of professor St. Badjov. From 1930 till 1948 he is a teacher in Sofia and the countryside. From 1948 till 1955 he is a director and producer at Bulgarian Cinematography and creates the first Bulgarian cartoon films:"It Serves Him Right "(1949), "Wolf and Lamb"(1950), "Woodland Republic"(1953- a first attempt for color performance). As a painter he creates mainly portraits and landscapes. He participates in general art exhibitions, as well as one-man show in Sofia (1969).Works: portraits- "Lilyana Dimitrova"(1969), "Lenin"(1970), "Georghi Dimitrov"(1972), "Vassil Karagyozov" (1973), "N. Hrelkov"(1974); composition "In the waiting-room" (1969) and others.


Picture: JARAVA, "Portrait of N.Hrelkov"