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The famous children composersDushka Todorova 

Dushka Todorova

She is one of the famous children composers. She is writing a lot of songs, musical stories and children's musicals .She has written a beautiful child's poem music.gif (4680 bytes)"Peter's heart" by text of the great Bulgarian poetess Dora GABE.

Her songs had been singing with great pleasure by children because they live over in the images which the composer was created.
The children's audience like D. Todorova songs suddenly and remember them for           a long time as the songs:  music.gif (4680 bytes)  "The sparrow in boots"    music.gif (4680 bytes) "Cherries" ,    music.gif (4680 bytes)"Son's presents ",   music.gif (4680 bytes)"Blueberries" , and so on and so on...

It is one of the line intonation that is very warm, tender and clear.
music.gif (4680 bytes)"Getcho & Detcho" - it's a musical story full of very childish mood. It tells about  two bear cubs that steal much honey. What is happened after all you will understand when you hear the CD "Children songs and story of Getcho & Detcho" .

(This CD is issued in very narrow-minded circulation)

Two bear cubs

"Getcho & Detcho" DTJ.  All rights reserved.    

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Text of the story  "Getcho and Detcho"   is write by the talented Bulgarian poet -   Tono Lazarov.
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