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               Channel Sofia - Audio News with Geogi Donkov --- --- D E M O --- ---

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We are looking for volunteer correspondents for local news all around the world! You may send us audio, video or texts NEWS by e-mail.     

Contact us for more info.

Send mail to: Channel Sofia

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>>> The second successful retrospective exhibition of the prominent Bulgarian painter Dimitar Todorov JARAVA - The father of the Bulgarian cartoon films in gallery "Orhideia" is over. /ChSOF/

>>> Now is available for purchasing the first audio CD by Dushka Todorova. She is composer of  music for children. She wrote 3 operas, hundreds of songs, a lot of  music for the theater and more. Now in this CD you can listen to children songs and the story of two greedy bears named Getcho and Detcho. Text written by Tono Lazarov./ChSOF/

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